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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Orang Islam Boleh Pergi Konsert Black Eyed Peas!

Aku tak faham, apa yang Pak menteri Sedang fikirkan...
Dulu dah elok dah, Sekarang tarik Balik..
Takut pelancong tak datang Malaysia ke Pak menteri ?
Sampai sanggup membenarkan Orang Islam Pergi Konsert yang tentunya bermaksiat..haih ~

Malaysia confirms Muslims can attend Black Eyed Peas show
AFP - Thursday, September 3
KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - - Malaysia's government has reversed a ban on Muslim Malays attending a concert by US hip-hop band the Black Eyed Peas, a culture ministry official confirmed Wednesday.

The Malaysian website for the September 25 event, sponsored by the Guinness brewery, had specified it was "restricted to non-Muslims aged 18 and above," triggering controversy in the multicultural nation.

However, concert organisers Artists World Entertainment announced Tuesday that anyone was free to attend the event which "is open to all individuals aged 18 and above."

"Last week, Muslims were restricted from attending the concert but the restriction has now been pulled back," the culture ministry official told AFP. He declined to be named and could not say why the stance was changed.

Muslim Malays, who dominate Malaysia's population, are not allowed to drink alcohol while members of the Chinese and Indian minorities are not subject to such restrictions.

The furore is the latest in a series of cases which have raised fears that Islamic law is on the rise in Malaysia, threatening its secular status.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, a 32-year-old part-time model and mother of two, was sentenced to six strokes of the cane by an Islamic court in July for drinking beer.

The government said the punishment was "too harsh" and threatened Malaysia's reputation as a moderate nation. It said the sentence would be put on hold while a review was conducted.

There have also been moves to limit the sale of alcohol in Selangor, the state which surrounds the capital, Kuala Lumpur.

Performances by foreign bands frequently come under fire in Malaysia, particularly from the conservative Islamic party PAS.

The PAS has called for Danish band Michael Learns to Rock to be banned from performing on September 5, saying their concert would be an insult to Muslims during the fasting month of Ramadan.

Sumber : Yahoo News


Suzy said...

tak payah la ckp pasal concert ni maksiat...takde concert pun dah byk maksiat kat malaysia ni...yg byk maksiat ni pun tak terkawal...lagi teruk pulak tu...inikan budak2 yg minat sangat dengan black eyed peas....niat dierang pun nak tengok artis dierang...habis concert2 lain tu? taknak ban ke? kita ni pelik la...nak bising pasal concert artis luar..kecoh2...lagipun dierang dah ckp muslim takleh minum arak kat concert tu..nak apa lagi...

iQbaL said...

hm..tak boleh minum arak..tapi penaja konsertnya syarikat arak..apa salahnya kan..tgk je la org minum..semua yang p sana iman kuat2 !

p/s : lain2 konsert mufti suruh ban..pihak berkuasa yg tak mau dgr..hahai ~

p/s : flip flop decision...

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