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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pemanasan Global Adalah Perkara Semulajadi ?

Aku Terbaca Paper NST, dua hari yang lepas..
Surat yang ditulis oleh Pensyarah teknologi MAsa Depan UPM..
Jom BAca Pandangan beliau tentang pemanasan GlObal dan komen beliau tentang Earth Hour..
Sangat Menarik untuk difikir-fikirkan.. :)

Ps : Rasa sedikit tertipu oleh penaja Earth Hour (Al-Gore) ..


GLOBAL WARMING: Earth Hour is a total farce 
By : MOHD PETER DAVIS, Bandar Baru Bangi 

AS the lights went out for Earth Hour on March 28, organised by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to protest against man-made global warming, our scientist family did exactly the opposite.

We switched on every single light in our energy-efficient bungalow in Bandar Baru Bangi. We held this mini festival of lights to say that mankind's increasing use of electricity has nothing to do with global warming. 

My wife, a retired scientist, had been complaining all week about the unrelenting Earth Hour campaign on TV, radio and the newspapers.

She pointed out that it was mainly youth who are getting sucked into this campaign.

"This is immoral and an insult to everything we have achieved. I studied under oil lamps until I was 16. Electricity got us out of poverty and built Malaysia . It transformed society. If anyone messes up our electricity supply, it's back to oil lamps and padi farming.
"That's what our youth don't realise. But now the WWF is trying to convince youth to feel guilty about consuming electricity. 

"Earth needs more and more electricity. That is how we measure our improving standard of living." 

My objection to the Earth Hour campaign is also fundamental. Man-made global warming is simply not true; it is a man-made fraud. 

Thirty-one thousand scientists so far, including me, have felt it necessary to protest against this fraud by publishing our names and qualifications in a properly conducted Internet poll. 

There is nothing new or to fear about global warming. It is not caused by man's industrialisation, by over-development or "over-population".

Global warming is a perfectly natural phenomenon. Ten-thousand-year global warming periods followed by 100,000-year ice ages have occurred with some regularity for the last two million years and probably throughout much of the 4.5 billion years of life on Earth.

What causes climate change is the Earth's varying tilt and elliptical orbit around the sun and our solar system's long journey through the Milky Way, together with cosmic radiation from exploding stars. Most of this basic science has been known for 100 years.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is not an environmental poison but has been named by 10 generations of scientists as "the gas of life" which, by photosynthesis in green plants, gets converted to organic matter. The small additional carbon dioxide produced by industrial man is a bonus, not a threat to life.

Our rainforest climate is Earth's best example of the tremendous benefits of global warming and higher levels of CO2. Malaysia's constantly warm climate, high rainfall, abundant sunshine and high natural CO2 levels, caused by plentiful rotting vegetation, combine to produce the highest rate of biomass production in the world. 

The kenaf tree in Malaysia can grow to five metres in four months. A new Malaysian grass plantation is producing sustainable one-metre cut grass for climate-housed cows every 30 days. This Malaysian invention, deep tropical agriculture, can transform food production and, with cheap desalinated water and electricity from new "inherently safe" fourth-generation nuclear power stations, can spread throughout the dry tropical regions of the world, even deserts.

Scientist now know in principle how to feed the population during the next ice age, which climatologists say will begin with a mini-ice age by 2050, within the lifespan of half of the world's population. 

We must get back to the big science of my youth, like Atoms for Peace, the Green Revolution and the Man on the Moon mission. The very best investment from Malaysia's economic stimulus packages is a great increase in science and engineering scholarships at all levels for the best generation of youth in our history.

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